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1. Where do I take tree limbs to dispose of them?
2. I don't have a pickup; will the City pick up limbs that have fallen off of my tree?
3. Will the City pick up my limbs after a storm or high winds?
4. Who do I contact if a tree on private property is obstructing my view at an intersection?
5. I need my tree pruned/removed, who do I contact?
6. My brother and I are removing a tree on my property; do we need a license to do that?
7. Does the City assist with the cost of tree removals?
8. My neighbor's tree has a dead limb hanging over my fence and he won't remove it. What should I do?
9. Who do I contact when my tree has grown into the power lines?
10. Who do I contact about a limb hanging too low over a street or sidewalk?