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The City of Hays is the only municipality in Kansas with a population greater than 15,000 that is NOT located near a sustainable source of water.  Current water supplies fluctuate based on precipitation received throughout the year.  As a result, water conservation has become a "way of life" for citizens of Hays.  From tiered water rates to water conservation ordinances, programs and incentives, the City of Hays has worked diligently to ensure that our most precious natural resource - WATER- is not taken for granted!

Rebates & Programs

Toilets, clothes washers, turfgrass, showerheads, and aerators - learn more!

Our Conservation Efforts

Find out what the City has been doing to conserve water.

Ways to Save Water

Simple tips to help you be water efficient both indoors and out.

WaterSmart Landscaping

It’s NOT about gravel and cactus!  Learn more here!

Water Rules/Restrictions

Know the rules so you don’t get a ticket!

Educational Resources

Great resources to learn more about water conservation, water smart landscaping, water in Kansas, etc.