Custom Club Fitting

Clubs Built For You

Every Swing Is Different. Play Better With Clubs Built For Your Swing

More distance and better accuracy are just a couple of benefits of having properly fit clubs. You’ll work with a Fitter who will get you in the right set of clubs for your swing and game. Not only will you perform better but will allow you to attack the course with confidence knowing you have the right clubs to get Way Better.

Best of Both Worlds. See your ball flight on a driving range and receive data accurately with a Bushnell Launch Pro Monitor.

You'll see your shots both through the air and as they are captured using Bushnell Launch Pro monitor. Seeing your shots live along with the data is key to understanding how different clubs truly perform with your swing.

Compare the top clubs with your Coach/Fitter using our TECFIT club fitting system.

You’ll hit a variety of different clubheads and shaft combinations and compare them to your current equipment. Our Bushnell launch monitors will compare all the launch data from spin rate, carry distracted, and more with the goal of optimizing the perfect set of clubs for you.

Club Fitting Prices

Select which clubs you want to get fit for when booking a club fitting. We recommend doing one fitting at a time!

**You’re club fitting costs will be credited towards the purchase of a new set of clubs**

Iron Fitting - $50

60-90 Minute Club Fitting to find your ideal Iron set

Driver Fitting - $50

60-90 Minute Club Fitting to find your ideal Driver

Putter Fitting - $25

20 -30 Minute Club Fitting to find the best putter for you

Full Bag Fitting - $100

A thorough Club Fitting experience to find your full set of clubs

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We sell Top Club Brands

An unbiased recommendation of clubs that are best for your game from top manufacturers and sold at prices guaranteed to match other retailers.

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