Water Poster Contest

For many years now, the City of Hays has partnered with KSU Big Creek Middle Smoky Hill River Watersheds to sponsor an Annual Water Poster Contest.  The goal of this contest is to raise awareness of water conservation and water quality issues while gathering some awesome and unique works of art from community members of all ages!

Theme for the 2020 poster contest: 

“Healthy Soils = Healthy Water” 

Healthy soil is a critical component of a WaterSmart Landscape!  Healthy soil is full of life including micro-organisms, bacteria, and earthworms.  Organic matter in healthy soil helps to loosen heavy clay, allowing water to infiltrate down through the soil vs. running off.  Vegetation on land surfaces (and its roots) are important to prevent soil erosion and run-off issues.  Healthy soils create an overall better environment for plants to grow and be as water efficient as possible.  To learn more about how healthy soils are essential for water conservation and water quality, consider taking a look at the following links:

Soil Health - NRCS

Build and Maintain a Healthy Soil

Soil Testing

If teachers or schools are interested in participating in the poster contest, presentations can be provided for students explaining how healthy soils and healthy water work together. To ensure that all students in our community have a chance to participate, poster paper, markers, crayons and colored pencils have been provided for classroom teachers in each local school office.

Support for this educational opportunity that encourages students and families to learn more about soils, water and their environment through art is greatly appreciated! Additional information and details about this contest are available in the Poster Contest Rules. For questions or more supplies, please contact Stacie Minson, 785-769-3297.

2020 Water Poster Contest Rules-1