1. What departments are within the City of Hays?

The City of Hays has eleven departments:

  • City Manger’s Office which also includes the Office of Project Management.
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • City Clerk/Finance
  • Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Fire Department
  • Parks Department which includes the maintenance of the City Parks, Golf Course, Swimming Pool , Cemeteries, Right-A-Ways, Bison Herd, and Sports Complex.
  • Police Department which also includes Animal Control and Municipal Court.
  • Communications Center (Dispatch Center)
  • Public Works which includes Streets, PIE (Planning, Inspection, and Enforcement), Solid Waste and Recycling, Airport, Stormwater, and Fleet.
  • Water Resources which includes the Water Plant, Wastewater Treatment Center, and Water Conservation.

2. How many employees does the City employ?

The City employees 181 full time employees. There are also 16 part time , 6 volunteer, and 38 seasonal positions budgeted.

3. What are big projects currently in the works at Hays?

R9 Ranch

In 1995, the City of Hays and the City of Russell purchased a 7,000-acre ranch 75 miles south of Hays as a long-term water source for the City of Hays. The City is currently in the process of converting the irrigation rights on the ranch from agriculture to municipal use and  seeking approval under the Water Tranfer Act to bring the water to Hays and Russell.

North Vine Street Corridor

The City is currently exploring ways to make the North Vine Street Corridor safer and easier to maneuver. City staff and engineers have been working with Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) on a concept that would replace the traffic signals in the corridor with roundabouts. This, along with a few other changes in the corridor would improve traffic flow and reduce the number and severity of accidents. It will allow for better flow to and from businesses and accommodate future redevelopment in the area. The project is currently being designed with construction slated to begin in 2020.

Wastewater Plant Rebuild

Construction of the new Water Reclamation and Reuse Facility began on June 1, 2017. Burns & McDonnell and CAS Constructors were awarded the contract to proceed and update the current facility to meet future Nitrogen and Phosphorus limits as required by Kansas Department of Health and Environment permit. Final project completion is scheduled for August 29, 2019.

Water Conservation

The City of Hays is the only municipality in Kansas with a population greater than 15,000 that is NOT located near a sustainable source of water.  Current water supplies fluctuate based on precipitation received throughout the year.  As a result, water conservation has become a "way of life" for citizens of Hays.  From tiered water rates to water conservation ordinances, programs, and incentives, the City of Hays has worked diligently to ensure that our most precious natural resource - WATER- is not taken for granted!

4. Where can I find the City’s agenda materials as well as past budgets?

Agenda Material can be found here.

Budgets, current and past, can be found here.

5. Can you tell me about the community of Hays?

HaRace Cars at Speedway Opens in new windowys, Kansas (pop. 20,500), is a university community serving as a regional center for education, health care, professional services, shopping, culture, arts, & recreation for the western half of Kansas - serving a population of nearly 100,000. This progressive community is recognized among the top Kansas cities in entertainment, health, arts, & culture.

Hays is home to Fort Hays State University (FHSU), a regional comprehensive university with over 13,000 studenFHSU Opens in new windowts, known for its innovation & entrepreneurship.  FHSU is the fastest growing university in the Kansas Regents system. The Beach/Schmidt Performing Arts Center on the FHSU campus is home to the Encore Series, the Hays Symphony, & other national & world caliber performances. 

Hays Medical Center is a major employer with more than 1,000 employees.  Hays Medical Center is the home to the Bucking Horse at Rodeo Opens in new windowDeBakey Heart Institute of Kansas & one of the top rural medical centers in the United States. 

Historic Downtown Hays has unique shopping, galleries, & eateries. Hays T-Rex - Sternburg Museum Opens in new windowboast excellent recreational facilities including: the Center for Health Improvement, Hays Aquatic Park, Smoky Hill Country Club, Hays Municipal Golf Course, an extensive recreational program, & excellent opportunities for walking, running, & biking.  Hays is within 45 minutes of two large lakes providing fishing, boating, & other water sports. Bike Hays contains 21 miles of Hays Regional Airportconnecting system.

The Hays Regional Airport provides service to Denver & Chicago on a 50-passenger regional jet.  Multiple high-speed Internet service providers service Hays. The community is in an elite group of cities with fiber to the premise. Visit www.visithays.com for more information.