Planting A New Lawn

Planting a new lawn area requires some planning and preparation.  Consider what species of turfgrass will be best suited for your landscape and needs/expectations. For the WaterSmart Landscape, warm-season turfgrass such as Buffalograss or Bermuda grass is recommended.

Click on the following links to find information regarding recommended turf varieties as well as how to plant and water new lawn areas:

Turfgrass Selection

Planting a Home Lawn - K-State Research and Extension

Watering New Lawns

Buffalograss = Native Turfgrass


Buffalograss Lawns

Watering During Restricted Times?

Newly seeded lawns require moist soil until the grass seed begins to germinate (grow) - after which, the irrigation can be deepened and not as frequent to encourage a deep root system.  In the case of warm-season grasses such as Buffalo or Bermuda grass, the ideal time to plant is during the water restricted months of June and July.  If you have planted a new lawn that is in need of irrigation during water restricted times, a special irrigation permit can be obtained (with approval, during the recommended planting time) from the City Finance Office. This special permit is only for 10 days, but may be extended for an additional 10 days under certain circumstances (with approval).

Newly Seeded Lawn Permit Costs:

Warm-Season Grasses = FREE

Cool-Season Grasses = $100.00*

*The City of Hays highly encourages the planting of warm-season turfgrass whenever possible.  The planting of cool-season turfgrass (i.e. Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass) is NOT recommended during the summer months. (Ideal planting time for cool-season turfgrass is early spring or fall.)