Special Situation Response Team

The Special Situation Response Team (SSRT) is a response team comprised of members of the Hays Police Department and Hays Fire Department. The team consists of twelve police officers and three firefighters (tactical medics). The purpose of the SSRT is to provide a tool for the police department and, at times, the region to deal with hazardous and extreme situations. These situations are primarily High Risk Warrant Service, Hostage Rescue, Barricaded Subjects, and High Risk Searches. However, the team can be activated for other situations as needed with the proper authorization. The SSRT is recognized as being a top tactical team, with outstanding leadership and operators. The Hays Police Department is fortunate to have this resource available to keep our citizens safe. The SSRT is comprised of one Commander, one Team Leader, one Assistant Team Leader, two Crisis Negotiators, two Marksmen/Operators, five Operators and three Tactical Medics.