Water Rules/Restrictions

Water Conservation rules and regulations have been in place since the early 1990’s.  The Hays Police Department is the primary enforcement agent for water violations in the City of Hays. The primary ordinance for water violations is 65-69 - Water Allotment and Conservation.

What You Should Know:

  • From June 1st - September 30th, outdoor water use is prohibited from noon to 7:00 PM (including private wells)
  • The washing down of hard surfaces is not allowed (i.e. driveways, parking lots, windows, etc.) YEAR ROUND!
  • Water is not to escape your property if at all possible (i.e. water running down the sidewalk from an irrigation sprinkler) YEAR ROUND!
  • Worsening drought conditions may lead to changes in water restriction times, etc.

Penalty for Water Violations:

  • First Violation = Warning
  • Second Violation = $50.00 fine
  • Third Violation = $200.00 fine
  • Fourth + Violation = $250.00 fine
Water Restrictions 2020

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