Northwest Kansas Community Corrections Board

Meetings: Held quarterly in Hays (Thirsty's) at 4:00 p.m. 

2021 Meeting Dates
March 11, 2021
June 10,. 2021
September 9, 2021
December 9, 2021

The Board of Directors shall schedule meetings as necessary. The Board shall meet at least quarterly. An annual meeting shall be held the last calendar meeting of the year. Special meetings may be called, but public notice must be given at least 24 hours prior to any special meetings.

The Northwest Kansas Community Corrections Board is comprised of  17 counties in northwest Kansas, making up the 15th, 17th, and 23rd Judicial Districts including Cheyenne, Decatur, Ellis, Graham, Gove, Logan, Norton, Osborne, Phillips, Rawlins, Rooks, Sheridan, Sherman, Smith, Thomas, Trego and Wallace Counties. This Board shall have all the authority, rights and responsibilities that would be given to an individual county under the Kansas Juvenile Justice Code. This Board is the governing body of the Multi-County Community Juvenile Correctional Services Program for Northwest Kansas. The purpose of this Board is to yearly formulate a comprehensive plan for the development, implementation, operation and improvement of correctional services in Northwest Kansas Community Corrections’ seventeen counties.


This Board consists of 18 or more voting members serving 2-year terms who shall be representative of:

  • law enforcement; 
  • prosecution; 
  • the judiciary; 
  • education;
  • corrections;
  • ethnic minorities;
  • social services; 
  • general public. 

The City of Hays has 1 Mayoral appointment to this Board.

Curtis Brown (1st term)
Expires November 1, 2019

Appointments Made by Other Entities

  • Leslie Beims (Cheyenne County)
  • Ken Badsky (Decatur County - Sheriff's Representative - Chief of Police Representative Designee)
  • Dustin Roths (Ellis County)
  • Duane Vollbracht (Gove County)
  • Robert Paxson (Graham County)
  • Daniel Thornton (Logan County/Education Rep)
  • Richard Thompson (Norton County)
  • Hon. Renee Henke (Osborne County)
  • Judge Paula Hofaker (Phillips County)
  • James Schroeder (Rawlins County)
  • Gregory Balthazor (Rooks County)
  • Mary Ellen Welshhon (Sheridan County)
  • Orvella Romine (Sherman County)
  • Judge Michael Kirchhoff (Smith County/17th Judicial District
  • Open Position (Thomas County/15th Judicial District)
  • Stacie Minson, Chairperson (Trego County/23rd Judicial District)
  • Ronnie Hill (Wallace County)
  • Mike Smith (Court Services Designee/17th Judicial District)
  • Judge Richard J. Ress (City of Colby)
  • Thomas J. Drees, Vice Chair (County Attorney Rep)
  • Alex Herman (Defense Attorney Rep)
  • Karen Griffiths (SRS/City of Norton)
  • Christina Hurtado (Education Rep/Ellis County)
  • Cathy Shaffer (Mental Health Rep)