Airport Advisory Committee

Meetings: Meetings are tentatively scheduled for the 1st Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m., except that the meeting in September is scheduled for September 9th. Anticipated agenda items will be reviewed each month, and if there is no pressing business, individual monthly meetings may be cancelled. Meetings will be held at the Hays Regional Airport – Airport Conference Room, 3950 East 8th.

The Airport Advisory Committee represents the interests of hangar owners, plane owners, pilots, air ambulance, passengers, airport tenants, regional businesses, the general public and the City of Hays. It gathers information relating to and promoting airport development, and it advises the Airport Manager, City Manager and/or City Commission and makes recommendations regarding airport administration, maintenance, and development. The Committee also promotes safety at the airport, both in the air and on the ground, and represents the regional airport as goodwill ambassadors.


There are 7 committee members serving 3-year terms.

  • Jason Staab
    Expires April 30, 2022 (1st term) 
  • Tony Dopita
    Expires April 30, 2021 (1st term)
  • Mike Konz
    Expires April 30, 2020 (3rd term)
  • Lyle Noordhoek
    Expires April 30, 2019 (6th term)
  • Michele Schlitter
    Expires April 30, 2020 (1st term)
  • Christopher Springer
    Expires April 30, 2021 (3rd term)
  • Dan Stecklein
    Expires April 30, 2021 (6th term)