Compost / Yard Waste

Dumping New CompostLocation

South of E 13th on General Custer Road

Hours of Operation

7 Days a week - Dawn to Dark

Acceptable Yard Waste

All yard and garden waste must be transported to the disposal site in such a manner that will restrict loss of blowing waste. Plastic bags are an acceptable means for disposal. The yard waste must be removed from the plastic bags or other containers. Persons disposing of waste must be prepared to collect and remove all bags at the time of disposal. Yard waste accepted at the site includes:

  • Garden Waste (including all produce)
  • Grass Clippings  
  • Leaves (not branches)
  • Mulch
  • Straw/Pampas Grass (must be cut into 3 foot lengths)
  • Wood Chips (only small quantities - example from residential yards)

There is no charge for disposing of yard waste at the compost site.

Items to Avoid

The success of this program depends on you and your neighbors! Help keep costs down by avoiding the following items:

  • Turning owsBamboo
  • Dirt
  • Household waste or trash
  • Paper, plastic or metal items
  • Sod
  • Wood products of any size, tree limbs, chipped wood, bushes (rose or any type), or hedges

Yard Waste Collection Program

City of Hays refuse customers may purchase yard waste tags at the Clerk's Office (1507 Main) in sheets of 5 for $5.25 ($1.05 per tag). Each yard waste bag is to have a tag attached before Refuse crews will collect it.

Yard waste should be bagged, placed approximately 3 feet from the polycart, and will be collected separately. Tagged yard waste goes into the trash and not to the compost site. This option is for City of Hays Customers only.

Bundle and Tag - attach a yard waste tag.

Contact Us

If you have any questions please contact the Public Works Department Solid Waste Division at 785-628-7350.