Since the early 1990's Water Conservation has been a top priority in the City of Hays.  City staff, across various departments, continually evaluate ways to reduce water usage within City operations. In addition, educational efforts are being made to inform the public about the importance of water conservation. Following are examples of City wide efforts to reduce water use and educate the public:

Effluent Water Use

~ 25% of the water treated by the Water Reclamation & Reuse Facility is beneficially reused as irrigation water for multiple outdoor recreation facilities, including the Fort Hays Municipal Golf Course, Bickle-Schmidt Sports Complex and the Fort Hays State University soccer and track & field complexes.

High Efficiency Fixtures Installed

City owned office buildings are equipped with high efficiency toilets, faucet aerators, air-cooled ice machines, and other efficient appliances.

Codes and Ordinances

The waste of water is prohibited within the City of Hays.  In addition, plumbing, landscaping, and irrigation codes have been put in place to encourage efficient water use.

Rebates & Programs

Various water conservation rebates and programs are available to incentivize saving water.  

Education and Outreach

Education and outreach are critical components to any successful water conservation program.  Here are just a few examples of efforts being made to raise awareness and educate the public.

  • Participation in Community Events, School Presentations, and more!

  • Water Smart Wally

  • 4-H Water Ambassadors

  • Demonstration Gardens