Burial Plot 11 - Nicholas Voss

Born: 1847 - Died: December 29, 1922 (age 75)

Burial Location

Longitude: 38.88491
Latitude: 99.31809

Historical Map

Block 1, Lot 12, Space 2


N.A. Voss was born in Hamburg, Germany and came to the United States in 1873 at the age of 26. He was married that year in Milwaukee, WI to Marie L. Schultz and for several years while living in Milwaukee, he learned the art of photography.

Life in Hays

He and his wife came to Hays in 1878 and he established a photography studio and modern gallery. He gained nationwide distinction as a champion chess player and won the Kansas State Chess Championship.

PhotographyHistorical Mt Allen - Nicholas Voss

Many of the early day photos of the Hays City, the Fort and the Normal School (which later became Fort Hays State University) and were taken by Voss. He photographed "Officers Row" one of the best known photos of Fort Hays. Numerous family photos, new business structures, farm homes and men at work in harvest were taken by Mr. Voss. 


Despite an illness over a two year period that took much of his strength, he remained working at his photography studio until he was hospitalized and died.


Buried at the family plot are his wife Marie L. (born 1851, died 1936), and other family members Eda, Carmen, Frieda and an infant child that died in 1885.