Showerhead & Aerator Program

Faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads (with exchange of old showerhead) are available to City of Hays water customers for free or low cost at City Hall Finance Office, 1507 Main St.

Currently Available Showerheads

The following models are FREE with the exchange of your old showerhead.

Niagara Bi-Max 1.0/1.5 gpm

Niagara Bi-Max Showerhead

Niagara Earth 1.25 gpm

Niagara Earth Showerhead

Niagara Earth 1.5 gpm

Niagara Earth Showerhead

The following models are only $5.00 with the exchange of your old showerhead.

Niagara Sava Spa 1.5 gpm


Niagara Luxury Spa 1.5 gpm

Niagara Luxury Spa Showerhead

Niagara Earth Handheld 1.5 gpm

Niagara Earth Hand Held Showerhead

A Variety of Aerators

Several different models of faucet aerators are available for FREE to City water customers.  The following are just a few examples.  Visit the City Hall Finance Office to see all currently available!

Needle Spray

Niagara 0.5 gpm chrome needle spray

Bubble Spray

Niagara 1.0 gpm chrome bubble spray


Niagara TriMax 0.5/1.0/1.5 gpm chrome needle spray

Kitchen Aerators

Kitchen aerator (dual spray)