Shelter House Reservations

To reserve a shelter house, contact the Parks Department at (785) 628-7375.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Reservation Information

  • There are no deposits or fees.
  • The park and all park facilities other than the shelter house are still open to the general public.
  • Reservations are posted weekly, so all reservations must be made a minimum of one week in advance.
  • Please review all park rules
  • View the Shelter House Reservations & Lease Policy (PDF).

Aubel-Bickle Shelter House

Aubel-Bickle Park #5

30th & Sherman Avenue

Dan Rupp shelter house

Daniel G. Rupp Park #6

33rd & Skyline Drive
UP Plaza covered picnic area

Downtown Pavilion #14

10th & Main Street
Ekey green covered picnic tables

Ekey Park #12

19th & Holmes Road
Frontier East covered picnic tables

Frontier Park East #2

Hwy 183 Bypass East of Main

Frontier North covered picnic area

Frontier Park North #9

Main Street, across flood dike
Frontier West covered picnic tables

Frontier Park West #1

Hwy 183 Bypass West of Main
Hickok covered picnic tables

Hickok Park #4

26th & Donald Drive

Kiwanis covered picnic tables

Kiwanis Park #13

17th & Harvest Avenue

Massey green covered picnic tables

Massey Park #8

17th & Allen Street
Municipal Park Shelter

Municipal Park #10

1st & Main Street

By Main Street

Municipal Shelter House

Municipal Park #11

1st & Main Street
By Tennis Courts
Seven Hills - Shelter House

Seven Hills Park #7

33rd & Hillcrest Drive
Sunrise covered picnic tables

Sunrise Park #3

19th & MacArthur Road